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From the Fertile Soils of Turkey

To Your Neighbourhood, Delivered With Care ...

To Know Who We Are

Welcome to KTB Trading

We are honored to start our US importer company KTB Trading. Inc. to supply Turkish desserts, foods, and goods to every US home. Our grandparents started it in 1897 and we have used the finest wholesome ingredients, including fresh butter, cream, nutmeats, and whatever the recipe requires, to create the most delicious delights imaginable.

We make delights, baklava, and cookies the same way our grandmothers did, but we make it every day and make a lot more of it – perfecting the recipes over several generations.

Why Work With Us?

Hospitality is a cornerstone of Turkish culture, and Turkish people believe that visitors should be treated as Guests sent by God. So we serve our best food to our guests and baklava and Turkish delight are the irreplaceable treats for our visitors and yes for our customers as well.

The most important aspect of our products is the ingredients. All ingredients are carefully selected clean and natural ones. We serve the best we got and we do it fast. Be it for one or wholesale we deliver it on time as we promise. Our products are now available across the US. Please contact our offices.