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research 13 Jan, 2019

The Art of Baklava

Is yoghurt Greek or Turkish? The same old story goes with baklava too and it has even more claimers. Every ethnic group around Middle East has a claim of their own on this delicious pastry.

research 16 Dec, 2018

Turkish Delight: Power of Sultans

One of the oldest sweets in the world, going back almost 500 years, the Turkish Delight recipe has remained almost unchanged since the day of its inception. As the story goes, the Sultan, trying to cope with all his mistresses,

research 12 Sep, 2018

Smiling Nut: Pistachios

Did you know that pistachios are called smiling nut at the east and eaten by humans even 10 thousands years before? Yes it is the prehistoric snack and Plus, pistachios are one of the only two nuts mentioned in the Bible.

research 4 Aug, 2018

Hometown of Famous Lokum: Safranbolu

Turkey is an incredible travel destination. From the ethereal natural landscapes of rock valleys and travertines, to ancient ruins and historical sites, Turkey promises travellers incredible sights throughout the country.

research 23 June, 2018

Turkish Tea: Perfect Pair of Baklava

There’s a reason why many restaurants offer tea with desserts after meals. Tea and sweets can complement one another very well. There’s a huge range of flavors in Turkish teas and many of them deliciously accompany your favorite desserts. Next time you reach into a Turkish restaurant or coffee for baklava don't forget to pair it with Turkish black tea.

research 11 Jan, 2017

Grand Bazaar: World's Oldest Mall

The Grand Bazaar is 75 acres of an intricate maze, set in an unperfected grid system. Upon first glance, it seems like a disorganised catastrophe, hence anyone entering without a map will most certainly lose their bearings, at some point. While signage points the way to entrances and exits, we think losing yourself in the Grand Bazaar is part of the fun, but many travel agencies offer private guided tours.