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Hometown of Famous Lokum: Safranbolu

  • 4 Aug
  • 2018

Hometown of Famous Lokum: Safranbolu

Turkey is an incredible travel destination. From the ethereal natural landscapes of rock valleys and travertines, to ancient ruins and historical sites, Turkey promises travellers incredible sights throughout the country. And one of the most amazing locations in means of history is absoutley Safranbolu. It is famous with is Ottoman stile houses on UNESCO's world heritage list worth seeing and of course delicious lokum, which is by far the most served dessert of Ottoman Palaces.

Safranbolu, managing to preserve its complete old settlement texture, is home to historical houses grouped in two main areas: The first is the "Bazaar" section that's mostly used during winter and previously known as the "City", while the second one is previously known as "Vineyards" and was mostly used during summer time. The locals spent the winter months in the "City", and they moved to their summerhouses in the "Vineyards" upon the arrival of warmer summer days, however, life in marketplace, the centre of production and trade, used to be lively and hectic through the year.

The Lands Where World's Most Expensive Spices Grow

The name of the town derives from "saffron", and Safranbolu is where the best quality saffron in the world is produced. The cultivation and care of saffron is very demanding, however, it is worth the effort since it is capable of coloring a fluid one hundred thousand times as heavy as the saffron itself with yellow. Being used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, it carries the title of being the most expensive spice in the world.

Safranbolu's Famous Turkish Delight: A Matchless Flavour

Best Made in Safranbolu

Donranbolu has made a name for itself with its perfectly-flavoured Turkish delight (lokum), a dessert regarded to be a leading flavour in the Turkish cuisine culture. The reason is, Safranbolu’s lokum is lighter and the mineral-rich natural water sprung from Safranbolu is used in the making of this dessert; which means, you must taste and buy lokum as a gift during your visit to Safranbolu.